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A few core tenets drive the direction of Currency and serve as overarching attributes the system aims to embody.


well-organized, decisive, reusable, useful, actionable, adaptive, increases velocity

Currency is a well-organized set of guidelines and components that have been vetted by our Nerds and validated through considerable testing. The goal of the design system is to unify shared values and resources, enabling Nerds to ship more and focus on harder user problems. We did the work so you don’t have to!


nerdy, witty, knowledgeable, confident, reliable, delightful, inclusive, approachable, confident, authentic, collaborative, inspirational, creative

Currency is user centered and focused on providing a reliable, inspirational, approachable, and attentive system to represent our brand and delight our users.


accessible, clear, atoms-first, effortless, easy, concise, scalable, manageable, consistent

Currency aims to provide a simple system for both our users and for NerdWallet designers and engineers. To minimize the cognitive overhead for simple product decisions, we use standard and familiar patterns and ensure consistent language and design between components.