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Contributing to NerdWallet's shared design system enables:

  • Pod teams to reuse product work
  • Pod teams to improve workflows
  • Pod teams to increase velocity, product coherence, and product quality
  • A better understanding of the NerdWallet product architecture

How do I propose a new design?

Mock up a design and share it with the designers working on Currency. We'll see if it can be added to the design system library as either a new design guideline rule, small change, or a completely new component.

How do I request something in Currency?

Create a request ticket     :

  • State the problem being solved.
  • Audit the problem. Does the problem exist across more than two apps?
  • Why don't existing components solve this problem?

The core Currency designers and the larger design team will review and reach a conclusion about whether the given solution should be adopted or abandoned.

Who in my Pod should I talk to about Currency?

Reach out to your Pod's Design System Partner      to see if they can help.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to Slack #currency      as well.

Currency contribution model