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Contributing to NerdWallet's shared design system enables:

  • Pod teams to reuse product work
  • Pod teams to improve workflows
  • Pod teams to increase velocity, product coherence, and product quality
  • A better understanding of the NerdWallet product architecture

How do I propose a new design?

Mock up a design and share it with the designers working on Currency. We'll see if it can be added to the design system library as either a new design guideline rule, small change, or a completely new component.

How do I request a new feature or a fix in Currency?

You can create a request ticket     :

  • State the problem being solved.
  • Audit the problem. Does the problem exist across more than two apps?
  • Why don't existing components solve this problem?

The core Currency designers and the larger design team will review and reach a conclusion about whether the given solution should be adopted or abandoned. If adopted, the work will ticketed, and prioritized based on standard Scrum processes NerdWallet teams follow.

Can I accelerate my feature request?

Yes! If your team has bandwidth to contribute the new feature, one way to ship new Currency updates faster is to lead the implementation yourself. Through the process, FEI and Currency Design can consult (design review, talking through functionality, etc). This is a good hack to leapfrog request from the back of the queue.

Who in my Pod should I talk to about Currency?

Reach out to your Pod's Design System Partner      to see if they can help.

What if I have other questions?

Reach out in the #currency      Slack whenever 👋.

Currency contribution model