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Component used to distinguish quoted text in a document by increasing the size of the quote, giving it an attribution, and adding a border around it. For those interested, there's a slight difference between block and pull quotes:

A block quotation (also known as a long quotation or extract) is a quotation in a written document that is set off from the main text as a paragraph, or block of text, and typically distinguished visually using indentation and a different typeface or smaller size font.



Net worth is the combined value of your assets minus the value of your liabilities.
Carl Jensen founder of 1500 Days to Freedom

No Attribution

Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self.

Within Text

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Net worth is the combined value of your assets minus the value of your liabilities.
Carl Jensen founder of 1500 Days to Freedom

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Subtext under the quote. Generally the name of the person who said the quote.


Quoted text.


(instance: any) => void | RefObject<any>